Archives for June 24, 2016

Senior beauty and elegance 

Sometimes young ladies can totally surprise you! Put them in jeans and a t-shirt and they look sweet, young and innocent. Change them into an evening dress, a little hair and makeup – and Whoa! the beautiful teen became an elegant mademoiselle!  
Presenting Megan – in the palms with her jeans and then fresh and girlish face, also dressed in a 60’s flowery wreath. 

She looks gorgeous with doe like eyes and smooth creamy skin. I captured these special qualities by placing her in partial sun, although the clouds were in and out, and using a silver reflector just about chin height to create the stunning catchlights in her eyes.
Then with a change of clothes and studio location, she playfully jumped and twirled in this cocktail dress, and later we had her lying on the floor to capture her in a captivating pose of allure and fetching magnificence.  Studio lighting was done with one beauty light and reflector on the opposite side and a reflector underneath the chin, to create a dramatic appeal and smooth creamy skin.

Teens and senior portraits are one of my favorites to photograph, as there is so much diversity from charming innocence to exquisite sophistication!