Dazzling bikinis and bright beach frolic!

Beach and swimwear should have an element of fun and excitement so you can see a picture and wish you were there.  You may arrive on a beach day to clouds and an overcast sky, but with action and color you can cheer up the situation and make your pictures come alive.

Swimwear pictures should be photographed from a low camera angle to elongate the legs and gives a sleek line to the body. If you are photographing a plus size or more curvy type, try bending the front leg closest to the camera and lean the upper body towards the camera to slim down the hip and middle area. 

This energetic bikini beach shot was taken at Matheson Hammock Park one afternoon.  Gina is always alive with spirit and fun, wearing this leather fringe skirt that is her own design. 

 The second model is attired by “Bikini 2 Go”, shown here with a breezy moment with scarves and a perfect swimwear body.  Anastasia is a dancer and moves with grace in front of the camera. 


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