Family Fun at the Beach :)

Taking this picture of a beautiful family having fun on their weekend vacation on the beach.  The weather couldn’t have been better and I wanted to capture their smiles and fun without too much emphasis on looking to camera.  Their 4 year old daughter was all smiles and silliness, with free abandon the the cool beach breezes can bring.  Although the parents became a bit impatient with her behavior, I reminded them to just go ahead and smile and enjoy their walk, as it is usually best to ignore  a recalcitrant child.

When their daughter had reached her limit I split them up to take some duos and individual pictures.  This worked out a bit better as the 4 year old suddenly had all of her dad’s attention and he became playful along with her.  It was then that I took this adorable interaction between father and daughter, which they later printed on canvas in their 4 picture collage for their living room wall.


The four year old loved the water and began to run and spin when the wind caught her curls and this sweet picture emerged.

Although the 2 year old was not so at ease with the wind, the sand and the roaring water, she preferred to stay close to mom and had no interest in being left on her own or for her feet to touch the beach.  She was so in love with mommy though, that when I asked her to give mommy a hug, it was easy and fun to complete the family photos.

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