Fun Day in the Park!

A family day in the park can be the best subject for getting great natural family photos.  Scout your locations ahead of your picture day, check your lighting and gauge how many people may be around.  Week days are usually best since most people work and the parks are less frequented, but if your only option is the weekend, try early morning when the majority of families are still getting ready to go out.

Next, plan your clothing- choose 2-3 colors and no more.  Here we have blues and white mixed with a plaid which works well and doesn’t get too busy.

Getting your family active and having fun is the absolute best way to get happy, natural pictures.  This little tyke started out a bit fussy and we were not getting a good feeling.  When a child is uncooperative the parents can easily become discouraged, so we changed course and began having a chase and run around the trees.  Little Walker came alive and we took so many great pictures that it was hard to choose.

When you go to any location with a plan and idea, be prepared to change it up if your first situation is not reaping expression and feeling.  A picture should make you want to join in the fun so be flexible and have a good time!


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