Kathleen’s New Year!

Hello to all and Happy New Year!  

I am trying out a blog for the new year and hope you will follow and enjoy.

These pictures of Cassie are some of my new favs, she is lively, expressive and a beautiful preteen.

I was looking to show her innocence and total unawareness of her little girl charm that will in a few years bloom into an exquisite teen.  

I took the red outfit first, I chose a big tree to offset the cardinals on her sweater and in her hand. 

As I tried to direct her body language, she became a bit awkward at first, not sure if she was doing it right, but as she looked down as if this cardinal was alive, I snapped this lovely photo that shows a sweet, pensive mood.  

Afterward I moved her to a big, puffy, black bean bag chair in another part of the yard, she was thrilled with the chair and became alive, smiling, laughing and having fun.  I asked her to not smile for a few and look directly into my lens, and in this top picture she looks like an absolute star!


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