Newborn Photograpy

Beautiful newborn babies are a basket of treasure!

Imagine the happiness , beauty and endless love that is wrapped up in a newborn blanket! 

 Taking pictures of this bundle of joy is a  project for those who love and adore children.  Plan for several free hours and be prepared to wait  as the mom will have to take her time to feed, change diapers and console a few tears shed by her newborn before and during your photo session.

The good news is that newborns sleep soundly and often, so be ready to jump up with your camera when the moment arrives.

These pictures were taken at 3 days old, of my daughter and my new grandson!  It was cold outside in VA, but luckily there was sunshine so I used natural light streaming in from the windows to capture this sweet newborn photo. 

We found a basket of magazines that I cleared out and added extra blankets for a soft, cushy bed.  Baby J slept through thisphoto and  I explored several angles deciding overhead was the best situation. I stood on the stairs and shot down adding and subtracting several props. 

I added my daughter to the picture- up close and full of joy with her new addition to the family.  We chose a very natural look, almost no makeup and soft nuetral colors.

Portraying the emotion and love  of a young mother is achieved by looking at baby instead of eyes to the camera- people are used to looking directly into the camera lens, which is fine for some pictures, but can lack the feeling of connection between mom and baby. 

Keeping baby close to the face illustrates a love that only a new mom can feel!  

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