Ohio – freezing- family pictures – warm  & fuzzy!

Spent the weekend in Delaware, Ohio, visiting my 91 year old mom, who is in assisted living, and also my sister and neice and her growing family.  I love taking family pictures and my neice is a particularly splendid pregnant mother, so I set out to photograph her baby bumb surrounded by her loved ones. 

Seeing that is was around 6 degrees with light snow, we opted for an indoor set up.   Big picture windows became a great setting for a silhouette, so we started with Gigi alone peering out the window.  She has an abundance of blonde curls and has stayed slim at 7 months pregnant, so I wanted to accentuate her tummy with a nice glow from the sunlight.  

Next we added her husband, Bart, who has piercing blue eyes framed by dark black hair, and little Walker, who looks like dad, and when we got their adorable  2 year old to stand still, I snapped this picture below.

At last, feeling inspired that the light stayed just right and my glamorous mom was not too tired, I asked my sister to drape Gigi in this luscious gold silk and to accentuate her belly.  Although we changed location from the bedroom upstairs to downstairs play room so Walker could enjoy his cartoons while we continued, it worked out fine and we took this amazing beautiful maternity picture that I plan to enter into an upcoming photo competition!

So although the weekend weather made me appreciate south Florida, I’m totally happy with my winter wonderland photo shoot! 


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