portraits with daddy miami portrait photographer Kathleen Ballard Photography

What great fun it is to dress up a little one in the same style as Daddy heading to the office! Capturing the essence of a child admiring his dad and wanting to follow in his footsteps was the goal of these photos.

Styling is so important, and although these two suits were stripes and plaids, it works because the man’s suit is still fairly plain. Then bringing in a few colorful details that mirror the clothing and indicate an office surrounding enhance the situation.

Expression is key to making this picture work, and we started out with father and son sitting in the same position, but as we all know, a 3 year old does not hold still for more than a few clicks of the camera, so we went with the laughter and then bribed Jackson to stand still for a few more minutes with M & M’s. The whole photo shoot was finished in 15 minutes, but we accomplished some priceless photos and the
parents were very happy.

Lighting is also of key importance, and for this studio shot, I used 4 lights. One main light straight on to their faces, and 2 strip lights with the brightness 1 stop lower on both sides of their faces. I had a hair light overhead to accent their dark hair against the dark background.

My favorite is with Jackson laughing in his father’s lap, he was just beginning to crumble at that point, but I think his dad tickled him and we was giggling and enjoying the moment.

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