Quinceañera Pictures at the Beach – My 15 year old Photo Shoot!

If you have ever known a young girl coming into her 15th year of life, then you should understand that almost every girl at this age still wants to feel like a  princess. The Quinceañera parties and photo shoots honor this tradition, which is largely Latin American, American society waits to celebrate the “Sweet 16”.

Quinceañera photo shoots generally have several outfit changes, a formal and a few more casual pictures.
This beautiful young girl was totally alive in every picture, she was a delight in front of the camera and was willing to jump in the water with her fabulous Quince dress. We went to Bayfront park at the end of the day, with the setting sun to capture this dance on the beach. The late afternoon light gives a glow to her face and dress. Since Nicole was also musically inclined, we brought her violin to offset her talent in a beach scene.
It is best to take quinceanera pictures at the beach photos during the week as over the weekend the beach is full of people! With summer around the corner – it would be best to beat the crowds by arriving early morning at sun up instead of sun down.
quinceanera pictures at the beachquinceanera pictures at the beachquinceanera pictures at the beach

With Nicole’s other great love being horses, we took her to a stable near my house and studio, as I live in the Redlands, which has horses and stables everywhere. When we arrived at this horse farm, I looked around for pretty light and a pleasing background; when I saw this bougainvillea, I knew it would compliment this radiant teen. The lighting was soft and I had someone hold a white card to fill in the shade with an extra bit of white light on her face.

We gave Nicole a minute to cozy up to this magnificent stallion and he generously cooperated as we took these gorgeous shots. Working with horses is tentative, and we had to coax and cajole him a bit to take part int he excitement. I took these in less than 15 minutes as the horse was a little antsy and quickly ready to retire.

quinceanera pictures at the beach
quinceanera pictures at the beach
All in all, it was great fun photographing this young lady, and she and her mother were ecstatic with the outcome.

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