Senior Pics

It’s the end of another school year and the juniors are becoming the seniors of next year, and the seniors are moving onto college! Where does the time go?
This is a wonderful time to remember this momentous event with some fabulous professional pictures. The time in our lives when we shine so brightly and look so young and vibrant. A beautiful, fleeting instant that in a blink of an eye is soon the next stage in our lives.
Featured here is a delightful young teen, Jessica, also known as Jess to her friends. She is easy and confident in front of the camera, probably from the experience she has had in cheerleading and drama at school.

I wanted to take some natural summery shots of Jess, so I put her in the back of our jeep with a cool drink and cut offs. I directed her just to smile and enjoy herself, and here we have the first pictures of the day. I started out full length, and I always like to come in closer to eyes and face.In the shade of a large tree, I used a reflector and a bit of led, hand held light to brighten up her face and give a little punch to these images.

For her second outfit, I looked around the yard for natural light and found this soft morning sunlight in an eucalyptus tree. The lowest branch was rather high so I had her balance her super high heels on uneven ground by grasping the branch for balance. Then I asked her to climb the tree and lay on the branch, where I caught her amazing blue eyes with the sun shining softly through a hint of shade. To avoid a squint, it is important to make sure your subject has bounced light unless the sun in super low and can be directly in the eyes. I like to focus on clear, crisp images where the eyes are visible and unshadowed.  

This last pictures here are in the studio. I used a large soft box on the bright side and a smaller soft box on the other side. With a reflector underneath to bounce light under her chin. Always use a flash close enough to soften the skin and make is appear smooth and creamy. This short dress is perfect for today’s proms, where almost any length is in style. With her long mane of hair and stronger eye makeup, we captured a beautiful day in the life of an upcoming senior girl.  

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