Senior Prom Night!

Here we have beautiful Kyla and her prom date, Jake.  We met for our photo shoot before the big day for some pictures together and alone.  Kyla and Jake were so relaxed in front of the camera, it made my job a breeze.  I had my assistant hold a gold reflector about 6 feet away and walk with them  to bounce light on their  faces to make them glow in the sunlight and look spectacular! 

Starting outside with Jake in a suit, bow tie, and looking sharp, Kyla wore her fabulous lace dress with the mermaid train.  I had them walk and enjoy each other with laughs and enticing looks.  

Then I separated them to take Kyla alone, sprawled on a bench to capture her incredible, alluring gaze.  I used a silver   reflector to highlight her face and eyes.  It is always important to see the catch lights in the eyes as it makes you feel connected to the girl in the picture. 


Jake stood behind the bench and suddenly I saw that great light behind him and said “don’t move – you look amazing!”  I grabbed my reflector again and took this handsome headshot.  

All in all, a great day at Palmetto Bay Village Center – a beautiful location and a sunny day is a awesome combination for a winning photo shoot.


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