To Have & To Hold…

It was a gorgeous evening at the Thalatta Estate, warm and clear with the occasional breeze to keep it cool and mosquito free. 

I always ask the bride to be ready with hair and makeup upon arrival for breathtaking photos pre-ceremony. 

The bridal room had wonderful large windows, letting in the soft filtered light, making her skin glow. In the pictures below, I used the natural light plus my Ice Light in order to keep her skin looking smooth and tight. Fortunately for me, the bride has flawless skin complimented by a fabulous makeup artist, Roseli Inc., so there wasn’t much retouching. 

It’s always nice to get a few detail shots, so I set up the Bride’s dress and rings by the window and used natural light to photograph the wedding day attire. I also photographed the ring and bouquet. 

 Following the ceremony and overlooking the ocean, I captured the groom stealing a kiss from his new wife, both madly in love. 

As the evening continued, I got this beautiful picture of them walking to the reception from where they had just taken their vows. The sunshine pouring through the trees overhead played nicely on her dress. This is natural light from all sides. 

The final shot I’m posting is one of my favorites because it is full of emotion. The bride was Polish and some of her family did not speak any English. For this reason, the groom had memorized his speech in her native tongue, saying how she is the love of his life and each day he will love her more. As you can see, the bride was delighted and touched- a truly beautiful moment! 


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